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Our mission is to create a successful, thriving food and restaurant business while we take care of our customers, take care of our employees, respect our vendors, serve our community and obey company and county regulations. As the CEO, I extend my personal best wishes for success and happiness here at Yuba River Markets, Inc. We understand that it is our employees who provide the services that our customers rely upon and who will enable us to create new opportunities in the years to come.

We feature 100% certified organic meats, 100% wild & sustainable caught seafood, 100% certified organic produce & 100% organic dairy products.

At California Organics we are committed to reducing our negative impact on environment. We do this as the product comes in by focusing on organic and sustainably produced food. We then continue this dedication by Recycling and reusing as much as possible.

  • We recycle all cardboard with a cardboard processor in Sacramento
  • All plastic shrink-wrap is donated to a plastic reprocessing plant
  • We give all packing ‘popcorn’ to a local shipping company for them to reuse
  • All of our fresh meat is 100% organic, eliminating eco-taxing factory farm practices
  • Our fishes are 100% wild and sustainably caught, avoiding ocean destructive fishing practices
  • All of our oil is 100% organic. Once we are done, the used oil is processed into biodiesel
  • All of our produce is 100% organic; all of the produce trim is donated to a local organic ranch
  • All food near or out-of-date or otherwise unsellable is passed on to the Interfaith Food Ministry

Why Avoid Free Range?

According to the USDA to be called FREE RANGE poultry needs ‘ACCESS’ to the outside, that is it! This is a misleading term that consumers often use to select what they think is higher quality poultry. Free range can still be fed antibiotics, recumbent feed, and all other agrichemical farming practices.

Why Avoid GMO (Genetically Modified)?

There are too many unknowns in this experimental technology. GMOs are employed in foods to make growing and processing easier, not because these foods are better for the consumer or our planet. GMOs are not natural and the gene can be owned mostly by Monsanto, currently. While there are many indications that this ‘gene’ altering technology is health challenging, no human studies have been conducted. In Australia, Japan, and all of the countries in the European Union, there are significant restrictions or outright bans on the production and sale of GMO foods. In the US GMOs are in as much as 80% of conventional processed food.

Why Wild Caught & Sustainable Caught Fish

Farmed fish (the alternative to Wild) is typically grown in a concrete pool where the selected population lives in a crowded, isolated environment. No survival of the fittest to keep the school strong; instead, sickly fish are ‘harvested’ and end up on our dinner plates. The farmed feed is often deficient & artificial color added. This is an unsustainable farming practice - bad for the fish, bad for the planet, bad for our customers.

1/3rd of all commercial fish caught is called ‘By-Catch’. Commercial fishermen use unsustainable fishing practices (gill-nets/dredges/purse seine/trawl) & indiscriminative fishing happens. Unwanted fishare typically wasted as chum. These practices also destroy the ecosystem depleting coral reefs and seaweed stands. These ocean ‘clear-cutting’ practices are not sustainable, making re-habitation difficult and sometimes impossible. Please always insist on sustainable caught fish